It’s the beginning of the month and you open up your content planner to write down all your big dreams and ideas, only to notice that all that the video-related content you so carefully planned out last month never actually happened. 
Or maybe, you’re writing out the captions for the video you finally made, and you keep having to fix that one typo...


...instead, the cursor keeps on messing up, you’ve heard your own voice on replay 40 times now, and you look at the clock only to realize it’s been 3 hours since you started — this was supposed to be quick-and-easy.

“The process just takes WAY too long!”


“I don’t feel comfortable in front of the camera.”


“I don't feel like I have the perfect backdrop, lighting, angles, or equipment”


I totally hear you — and we’re going to change that. 


*And no — you don’t need the latest iPhone or DSLR to make this happen. 

**Spoiler alert: Anything after the iPhone 6 is still incredible.

Whether you're creating for Instagram, business, or brand, creating videos without a solid workflow and structure can be extremely time consuming — and that's before you even begin the editing process. 


And let's be real: sometimes, you don't have the capacity to outsource, and you know you need to do it yourself, but you still have no idea where to start. 

 You’re a few clicks away from having everything you’ll ever need to create high quality videos — even from your phone. 


When you take the time to learn this, you can stop spending hours trying to “figure it out” and start showing up as your authentic self.


So go ahead, turn off that YouTube tutorial (you know, the one where they spent 90% of their time talking about something unrelated, and used a ton of big words that didn’t answer your question) and instead, learn the art of video storytelling and the tech know-how to do it yourself.

Hi friend! I’m Jenny Jay, a 6-figure photographer and videographer who’s been in the business of telling stories through visuals for the last five years. 
Having created 100+ videos in 2019 alone for entrepreneurs and businesses alike, I’m your tech-best friend who knows how to break it down and make it simple.
I’ve created videos that have built hype for a 100K launch, filmed the online courses run by your favourite experts, and created for some of the biggest powerhouses of womxn & femme-owned brands and businesses.


More than all of that, I know what it means to harness your truth and turn it into something powerful, using the tools of visual storytelling to make your voice show up strong and leave an impact.

This is going to be the most comprehensive video training you’ve ever taken, made simple & designed for the folks who still wear all the hats:

Plan your Film Day

Learn how to effectively organize your filming day 

Set your Lighting

No matter where you are  & what you have

Get Clear Audio

Instantly increase your video quality

Maximize your Settings

No matter what device you're using

Understanding Editing

Use free apps for your iPhone, Android, Mac or PC

Add Captions & Subtitles

Make your videos accessible & maximize your reach


This training consists of 10 modules that will teach you: 


✔️ The concepts of storytelling and how to use them effectively to engage your audience and leave a lasting impression [Value $197]


✔️ The videos you should be making for your brand/business to effectively serve your audience [Value $67]


✔️ How to plan and organize your content filming day so you can get more done in less time [Value $97]


✔️ The step-by-step workflow I use to create successful video campaigns to convert viewers into buyers [Value $297]


✔️ How to simplify the process of adding subtitles to your video so you don't waste valuable hours figuring it out [Value $48]


✔️ How to improve your lighting, audio, and video so you can say BYE to those grainy videos (without spending hundreds of $$$) [Value $397]


✔️ How to bring it all together to create strong video content, courses, and campaigns so you can share your expertise with confidence [Value $197]


Value = $1497

✨👉🏾 Create your Course bonus training [Value $997]
✨👉🏾 My EXCLUSIVE storyboarding workflow and ready-to-use template [Value $297]
✨👉🏾 A comprehensive list of tried-and-tested apps to use for clear audio, simplified editing, captions and more [Value $197]
✨👉🏾 FULL resource list of royalty-free assets including footage and music [Value $97]
✨👉🏾 My go-to gear guide (for when you’re ready to up-level) [Value $149] 

= TOTAL VALUE $3983*

*and you'll get all of this for just a FRACTION of that!

Don't just take my word for it. 

Here's what others had to say: 


"Every time I have a tech question in terms of video editing, photo editing, recording and audio, Jenny is hands down my go-to."

— Kat Gaskin, Founder, The Content Planner 


"If you are thinking of taking Jenny's workshop, and learning how to leverage videos, in your business. I cannot recommend it enough. I don't know what you're still doing, fussing around, making a decision. You need to get a seat inside of this workshop, RIGHT now."

— Katy Prince, Squirm-Free Sales Master


"Not only does Jenny have the technical know-how for all things video, Jenny also breaks it down so that I don't have to spend 5011 hours trying to figure this crap out. As a mom and entrepreneur, I don't got time for that — access to that knowledge is priceless."

— Vivian Kaye, CEO & Founder, Kinky Curly Yaki

While I work with some incredible brands and entrepreneurs, I mastered the art of storytelling through my roots in documentary film. Some of the credits to my name include national film awards & the official selections at film festivals across the globe. These include:









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