This is how you TRULY redefine your story

Aug 20, 2020

If you’re anything like I was a year and a half ago, you may have no idea what NLP is. 

Or perhaps you’ve heard some coach talk about it, but you’re not quite sure exactly what it means.

Rewind to last May, and I hadn’t even heard of it when I came across it for the first time, in the form of a client inquiry. 

It showed up in my life as an email from someone who I later learned was a well-known coach and trainer in NLP, inquiring about videography for a three week intensive training of Neuro-Linguistic Programming — or NLP for short. 

A few back-and-forth emails later, I found myself standing in a small, beautifully lit space filming 30-something individuals who were in the process of getting certified in this modality. 

And I had so many questions. 

See, traditional NLP is the study of the subconscious mind. It studies how from the time that we’re little, we program ourselves with stories about ourselves and the...

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