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Aug 27, 2020

There’s a meditation that I perform often — one that allows me to visualize the future that I want for myself. 

It involves picturing a stool — a beautiful golden stool, intricately detailed, placed in the centre of the room I can picture clearly. On the stool, I picture a future version of me, of what I want, of who I am.

And then, I take it away. 

In stark contrast to my vision of my future, I instead picture a banana. (Yes, a banana.) And I see that banana. The details. The curve. The little black spots on it signalling it’s just perfect to eat. The sticker from the grocery store that was never taken off. 

A moment later, I whisk the banana away, and bring back the image of what I want. 

And suddenly, my future is clear. 

I can see it, the same way I could see that banana. 

So why do I bring this up? 

Because seeing is believing. Because the narratives we tell ourselves, consciously and subconsciously,...

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