Hi, I am Jenny Jay a creator, storyteller, and entrepreneur...

Welcome to my world, where stories are told, and there is always room for yours.

a creator, storyteller, and entrepreneur

Welcome to my world, where there is space for all stories to be told.
There is room for your story too - let’s tell it together.

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An image of Jenny, a South Asian woman, smiling while looking into the distance.
An image of Jenny, a South Asian woman, smiling while looking into the distance.
What exactly do you do?
An Educator - I've put on well over a dozen online workshops and online courses, serving over 1,500 students. An Ethical Content and Storytelling Coach - Supporting you with your brand and story to ensure it's inclusive and accessible. A Photographer, Videographer, and Editor - Capturing your most precious personal moments and bringing your brand story to life. Guest and Educational Speaker - Featured in podcasts like the Papaya Podcast and involved in events and speaking engagements. A Content Creator - With nearly 25K followers, I partner and showcase brands with values that align with mine to better support the world that we exist in.
It all started with a dream...
Great stories are timeless, but how we share them are ever-changing. And we believe that everyone has a story to tell and each story has a purpose. From full branding shoots to product photography to video marketing to the documentation of your special days, we create content that honours you. 

What truly sets us apart is our ethos. We know what it means to finally have our stories amplified, and how important it is for individuals who are a part of marginalized groups to belong AND feel valued, beyond just visibility. it is our personal mission to make sure this is a part of our process, at every single stage. Because at The Double Jay Collective, we believe that stories have the power to change the world.
Hey there! I am Jenny Jay
An image of Jenny, a South Asian woman, smiling with eyes closed in an open desert.

….and just like you, I’ve been on a long journey of learning, seeking education, and growing to be a better person each and every day.

As a storyteller and creator, all of my education over the last 6 years has become integral to the content that I write, create, and share. Add that to my lived experiences as a South Asian woman with experiences with in/visible disability, living unhoused and without financial security, and existing in my other identities, I recognize the difference it makes when stories are shared in a way that recognizes you and validates your experiences. 

Together, I truly believe we can make spaces — online, in our media, in our conversations, and in our businesses, that are spaces for change. 

Because now more than ever, this is important.

An image of Jenny, a South Asian woman, smiling with eyes closed in an open desert.

As Recognized In:

Logos for publishing outlets Vice, CBC News, Toronto Star, The Globe and Mail, Later, Huffington Post, Elle and Vanity Fair

What people are saying

Image of client named Hala wearing a white dress and looking at her reflection in a mirror. Hala Wedding Client and CBC Journalist Where do I even begin? Working with Jenny and her team has been an absolute privilege. This wasn't a surprise to me because Jenny's talent is unmatched, but oh my her professionalism, wit and her unprecedented skills left me in awe. The team were so inviting and brought the most sincere and genuine smiles. Jenny is so considerate, caring and understanding of custom and tradition. When I tell you it's been a dream of mine to have her as part of my day, it really has been. Jenny is so amazing! Brown heart.
Image of client named Jina standing in a field holding a bouquet. Jina Wedding Client. I'm speechless. Jenny captures my vision so perfectly - better than I ever imagined! I absolutely love my photos and I am so grateful. Jenny and her team are AMAZING! The photoshoot was literally everything I wanted. Jenny captured my vision and went above and beyond! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!Brown heart.
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Image of Jenny, a South Asian woman standing at the beach, smiling, and facing the camera.

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Image of Jenny, a South Asian woman staring off into the distance at a park.

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A digitally drawn image of Jenny, a South Asian woman, glancing forward over her shoulder and smiling.